Corte Leonardi

Event Venue in Modena

The Villa

An ideal setting for your event

Corte Leonardi is a magnificent villa surrounded by greenery in the Province of Modena. It’s home to the enchanting, historic Acetaia Leonardi, where exceptional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is made. The villa is surrounded by 10 hectares of vineyards and it has large gardens and reception rooms, which are perfect for hosting private or business events all year round. Corte Leonardi is the ideal location not only for weddings, ceremonies and events, but also for business meetings, team-building activities, exhibitions and concerts. The combination of its versatility and its refined, spellbinding atmosphere make it the perfect choice for original, creative and individually tailored events. At the villa, there are large, professional kitchens for catering teams and event planners to use.

The Grounds

Surrounded by picturesque gardens and venerable vineyards, Corte Leonardi is a truly charming location where tradition is fused with innovation and Emilia-Romagna’s treasured food and wine are sublimed by the region’s modern side, which celebrates the deft designs, luxury and technology of the Motor Valley.

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Reception Hall

Corte Leonardi is a venue steeped in style and sophistication with room for up to 200 guests in its large reception hall on the ground floor. Exposed beams on the ceiling and sumptuous curtains add a warm touch to the atmosphere during banquets, ceremonies, concerts, shows and business events.

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Scenic Hall

An enchanting atmosphere awaits your guests in the scenic hall on the first floor of the villa. From the windows and balcony, there are sweeping views of the Italian gardens and the vineyards all around. The large, handsome hall is the ideal place for ceremonies, business events, conventions, exhibitions, concerts and shows.

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Old Acetaia

Treasured traditions and modern appeal in the heart of Emilia-Romagna

Would you like to give your guests an authentic taste of local life? Combine your event with a guided tour of the Balsamic museum inside the historical Leonardi Balsamic farm, for an unforgettable experience. Experience unique sensations in the attics where “BLACK GOLD OF MODENA” is made, with something for all the senses: first and foremost sight and smell, followed by touch (you won’t be able to resist the urge to brush your fingers against the rows of age-old barrels) and finally hearing, with the sound of birds singing and the calls of the peacocks that stand guard over the mansion.

Old Acetaia

Corte Leonardi is home to an old Acetaia (upper floor loft) that was built in the mid-19th century to make Leonardi Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. When he died, founder Giuseppe Leonardi left some barrels of balsamic vinegar to his son Vito. This treasured inheritance was moved to Vito’s farm in Magreta, which is still run by the Leonardi family today.

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Historic Rooms and Shop

The old stables of the manor house are now home to the showroom, along with rooms for tasting and events. Upstairs are numerous barrels made from superior wood that contain balsamic vinegar of various vintages. Among them is exclusive balsamic vinegar that has been in the family for more than a hundred years and won numerous prizes.

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Barchessa Room

Opposite the manor house is a quaint old rural service building called “barchessa”. It is home to the huge “badessa” and “madre” (“abbess” and “mother”) barrels used at the start of the vinegar-making process, as well as barrels used for ageing Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena that are over a hundred years old. They are part of the Leonardi Balsamic Vinegar Museum.

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Weddings, meetings, shows and exclusive events

Where to organize an event in the Modena area? If you’re looking for a modern location that embodies the essence of this part of the world and has a host of facilities such as a kitchen for catering, large rooms that are bathed in light, a garden and a huge car park, Corte Leonardi is the place for you. The sophisticated villa’s comprehensive range of amenities makes it the ideal place for weddings, business meetings, conferences, private parties and exhibitions.

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